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Azalea and Ladyslippers


The colony of ladyslippers is entering bloom, as is the single wild native azalea I protected last year.   You can see them both by climbing the hill to the “throne”,  and entering the woods at the ShortCut trail.  The ladyslippers are on the right and left about 200 feet in (watch that you don’t step on the one in the trail, and don’t wander off into the patch or you’ll step on another.)  Then continue on ShortCut to ‘mander Meander and turn right.  The azalea is on the right with a wire fence and a bit of yellow tape.  If you get to the big downhill, you went too far.

The orchid colony is shrinking, and I’m tempted to throw a little granular fertilizer on it after the bloom.  Does anyone have a better idea?

Author: Michael

We bought this land in 1978 and have been its stewards since then. We want other people now and in the future to be able to enjoy the land as we have.

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