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  • It’s a fine fall leaf season

    Despite the dry summer or maybe because of it fall colors here at Glacier Pools Preserve are wonderful this weekend and will probably get brighter over the next week. We don’t have the “in your face” reds of a hillside of maples or aspen, so look to individual trees and get to know a few. Right now it’s nut trees aspen and birch; scattered maples are just starting to turn. I even love the browns the dominant oaks take on at the end of the season. My favorite walk for color is to go directly to the “throne” then down the West Meadow Trail to the Diversion Terrace which has wonderful views all the way across Entrance Trail to the woods to the east (which is where the above picture was taken.)

  • Laurel is in bloom

    Mountain laurel is blooming and this year is the best display ever. Some plants are at their peak, some are just coming on, and a few are starting to “snow” blossoms. Here’s a suggestion for a short walk to see the best display: start at the “throne” and head into the woods to the left on Shortcut (red blazes). There are some full laurels on the trail and some grand ones 50-100 feet into the woods. At the intersection with ‘mander Meander go right for a few minutes to find 360 degrees of laural bloom then return and take ‘mander Meander towards the High Field. Look left for some large laurel bushes. About 100 feet before the field there is a rudimentary trail left to a cluster of very grand laurel to enjoy.

  • Chad’s Trail

    We have a new trail. We named it “Chad’s Trail” after our late dear family friend Chad Peeling who was so very helpful in developing our preserve and who created and donated the nature signage. It’s scenic, interesting, has links to the old trail system for a variety of loops, and brings our total trail length to 4 1/2 miles. You will find it easier to navigate by starting at the far left corner of the High Field and walking clockwise. Please avoid the section from the kiosk, which is muddy and has seeded grass to protect.

    Trails Map
  • Forest improvement and new trail
  • Birds!
    The Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology had their annual meeting in Williamsport last weekend and came out to Glacier Pools Preserve to do a bird walk. I

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