Glacier Pools Preserve

………………….Walking Paths for Eastern Lycoming County


  1. Hello,
    I learned of this area through the Lycoming Audubon which I am a member of. Could you give me directions to the preserve. It sounds like a wonderful place to see many species of birds I don’t usually see. Thank you in advance. Laurie

  2. Michael,

    The website looks great–easy to navigate and poised to archive all the information one could want on the property. Having not hiked on the land since adolescence, I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. You and Ricky have done something special here.


  3. Visited with a friend on 12/9/12. Very much enjoyed the trails and landscape.
    Did a little of clearing of limbs and sticks on the trail. Thank-you so much for opening up your land to the public. If you have any work days this Spring please post. Would like to help.

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