Glacier Pools Preserve

………………….Walking Paths for Eastern Lycoming County


The Glacier Pools Preserve in East Lycoming county can be enjoyed by nature lovers who would like to enjoy meadows of wild flowers and butterflies, photographers looking to capture the perfect image of a native bird safely enjoying its environment and hikers who simply want to enjoy the strategically placed trails and paths that wind through the preserve.

1.  The preserve is open daily from dawn to dusk.

2.  Stay on designated trails or mowed paths.

3.  Walk your dog , do not let it swim in the vernal pools, and remove its waste from the path for the sake of other walkers.  Please use a lead when near other people or dogs or if your dog does not stay under your close control.

4.  No mountain bikes, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, or horseback riding are allowed.

5.  Do not pick flowers, dig plants, climb or damage trees.

6.  Hunting is by permission of the owner only.  The preserve is closed during  deer season the two weeks after Thanksgiving.

7.  There are no toilet facilities or drinking water.   There is no picnicking and no fires allowed.

8.  Please take anything you brought (packaging, bottles, trash) with you when you leave.




  1. just back from a visit to the preserve – had a very pleasant time there – I will be back and will tell my local friends about it.

  2. With friends from France and New York State, we thank you for this wonderful chance to visit Glacier Pools Preserve. One question we had was what month would you consider most favorable for observing the pools with their wildlife, especially of salamanders?

    Thank you for your attention and we applaud your dedication and kindness in creating such a preserve and providing an easement with the Linn Conservancy to provide for its future.

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