Glacier Pools Preserve

………………….Walking Paths for Eastern Lycoming County


Below is a listing of some of the many wild flowers you will enjoy while walking our paths. This is only a small selection of flowers that are seen and we are delighted when a new one is discovered.

Please feel free to add your images of wild flowers that you enjoy on our walking paths through the meadows and forest.

Asclepias syriaca
(Common milkweed)
Aster sp. 
(Purple aster)
Aster pilosus
(Heath aster)
Centaurea nigra
(Black knapweed)
Comptonia peregrina 
Cypripedium acaule 
(Pink ladyslipper)
Eupatorium rugosum
(White snakeroot)
Euthamia graminifolia
(Grass leaved goldenrod)
Gaultheria procumbens
Impatiens sp.
Lycopodium (3 species)
(Club moss)
Microstigium sp.
Mitchella repans
Monarda fistulosum
Medeola virginiana
(Indian cucumber)
Polygonatum biflorum
(Solomon’s seal)
Rubus sp.
Smilax sp.
Solidago altissima
(Tall goldenrod)
Solidago rugosa
(Rough goldenrod)
Triflorum pretense
(Red clover)
Tussilago farfara

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