What am I?

Succulent in bloom on our new trail. Can anyone tell me what it is? I’ll tell you where it is in exchange.

By Michael

We bought this land in 1978 and have been its stewards since then. We want other people now and in the future to be able to enjoy the land as we have.

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It is commonly called “Rattle snake plantain. The scientific name is Goodyera pubescens. It is actually an orchid. Great find.

Come back mid July and I’ll show you the colony. Or next month for the lady slipper orchids.

I would enjoy the lady slipper orchids as would my father. We visited to listen to the frogs twice and was amazed at the changes in a weeks time. April 13 we saw Pennsylvania sedge, Carex pennsylvanica and red maple, Acer rubrum in bloom.

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