Forest Improvement

We are starting a project to improve the value of the forested parts of the preserve. By “value” I mean as habitat and beauty, not timber revenue. The best trees will get a little more sunlight to grow better. The potential animal habitat trees will be preserved, and there will not be activity around the pools. The income from this project will be held by the Linn Conservancy to support future maintenance of the trails and meadows. A haul road has been cut across the Wagon Road Trail, which is still open. The crossing will be easier when the road gets gravel. It leads to a clearing which will let the loggers skid to waiting trucks. There is a beautiful view, so maybe someday this will be a place to picnic. In the process of this operation we can lay out a few long trails with help from their machines.

By Michael

We bought this land in 1978 and have been its stewards since then. We want other people now and in the future to be able to enjoy the land as we have.

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