Laurel is in bloom

Mountain laurel is blooming and this year is the best display ever. Some plants are at their peak, some are just coming on, and a few are starting to “snow” blossoms. Here’s a suggestion for a short walk to see the best display: start at the “throne” and head into the woods to the left on Shortcut (red blazes). There are some full laurels on the trail and some grand ones 50-100 feet into the woods. At the intersection with ‘mander Meander go right for a few minutes to find 360 degrees of laural bloom then return and take ‘mander Meander towards the High Field. Look left for some large laurel bushes. About 100 feet before the field there is a rudimentary trail left to a cluster of very grand laurel to enjoy.

By Michael

We bought this land in 1978 and have been its stewards since then. We want other people now and in the future to be able to enjoy the land as we have.

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