Showy flowers coming!

Ladyslipper emerging from leaf litter along shortcut trail about 100 yards in. Small gray marker sign. Will bloom around May 18.

On my walk yesterday I found the beginnings of the best spring flower show here. The Ladyslipper orchids are poking through the ground; the native azelia hiding from hungry deer are in full bud, and the acres of laurel are starting to bud out.

Native azalea will be in bloom around May 20. Plants in bud now along ‘mander meander where overlooks Laurel Run and on way up to throne rock. Protected by cages.
Mountain laurel just starting to bud. Expect acres of blooms everywhere around June 15-20.

By Michael

We bought this land in 1978 and have been its stewards since then. We want other people now and in the future to be able to enjoy the land as we have.

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