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Below are Butterflies species that have been observed in the Glacier Pools Preserve.
Observation period: Between June 27th 2011 August 5th 2011

Achalarus lyciades –Hoary Edge

Achalarus lyciades --Hoary Edge
Hoary Edge
Boloria bellona –Meadow Fritillary

Meadow Fritillary
Meadow Fritillary
Cercyonis pegela — Common Wood-Nymph

Common Wood-Nymph
Common Wood-Nymph
Colias eurytheme — Orange Sulphur

Orange Sulphur
Orange Sulphur
Danaus plexippus — Monarch

Epargyreus clarus — Silver-spotted Skipper
Erynnis baptisiae — Wild Indigo Duskywing Everes comyntas — Eastern Tailed Blue Limenitis arthemis — Red-spotted Purple
Megisto cymela — Little Wood Satyr Papilio polyxenes — Black Swallowtail Papilio glaucus — Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio troilus — Spicebush Swallowtail Phyciodes tharos — Pearl Crescent Pieris rapae — Cabbage White
Satyrium edwardsii –Edwards Hairstreak (listed species)* Satyrium calanus — Banded Hairstreak Speyeria cybele — Great Spangled Fritillary
Speyeria Aphrodite — Aphrodite Fritillary Thymelicus lineola — European Skipper

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