Trails sponsored by the East Lycoming Recreation Authority.

These are public trails on private property. Please respect this privilege and follow these rules:

1. The preserve is open daily from dawn to dusk.

2. Stay on designated trails or mowed paths.

3. Walk your dog, but keep it under your close control at all times; do not let your dog swim in the vernal pools,

4. Remove dog waste from the path for the sake of others. Use plastic bags of “flick” with a stick

5. Place dog on lead before coming close to other people unless they give permission for the animal to approach.

6. No mountain bikes, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, or horses are allowed.

7. Do not pick flowers, dig up plants, climb or damage trees.

8. Hunting is by permission of the owners only. The preserve is closed during deer rifle season the two weeks after Thanksgiving.

9. There are no toilets or drinking water. Fires are not allowed.

10. There is a picnic table and trash can at the kiosk. Please don’t leave food waste that might attract a bear.