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  • Foraging Workshop Next Weekend

    Saturday, September 16th, 2023

    1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

    Guided hike

    Location: Glacier Pools Preserve, 757 Pine Road, Hughesville, PA

    Guest Hosts: Sara Street, Manager of Rider Park and Michael Gross, Property Owner

    Enjoy seeking and finding native mushrooms and plant species with our experts while learning about amphibians, indicator species, geology and vernal pools on this guided hike. 

    Registration is required.  Please register at  

  • Laurel in bloom!

    Our acres of mountain laurel are quickly coming into peak bloom and should stay that way into the week absent a rain and wind storm. I’ve never seen it so lush. Photo is from Tuesday. There are also a few ladyslippers still in bloom. Enjoy.

    I am busy practicing violin for the FREE Williamsport Symphony concert Sunday evening at 7:00 at the Hughesville Fairgrounds bandstand. Bring a lawn chair as seating is on the midway not the grandstand. It’s only an hour, and the program is music from movies including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Frozen, and Pirates.

  • Found dog

    This handsome and friendly dog has been hanging around the parking area today (Thursday May 25.) He has a chain collar but no tag. If he’s yours, call 570-584-3324 or respond to this post.

  • Frog Frenzy

  • Amphibian Breeding

    March 23, 2023 was the best night ever for viewing amphibian breeding. The spotted salamanders were moving into and out of the pools in numbers such that we five lucky people had to watch our steps!…

    …and every 20 feet or so a flashlight revealed a cluster of animals swimming around in the leaves at the floor of each pool…

    …many wood frogs swimming day and night (no picture, sorry).

    …even a hatch of fairy shrimp (freshwater equivalent of brine shrimp) which I’ve only seen once before!


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  1. At least 15 of the orchids are now in bloom (5/15/22) with probably another dozen on the way!!

  2. We should definitely retreat your trees in spring 2022. Glad that they look good. Very sad to loose the others.

  3. Hi there, This is great to find out. Is this a difficult hiking area? I have Daisy Girl Scouts and…

  4. Such a beautiful place

  5. Walked this evening before dark. The woods were pretty quiet and still except for an occasional woodpecker, hawk or thrush..…