Welcome to the website of the Glacier Pools Preserve in Eastern Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. It is a 270-acre island of mature woods, wildflower meadows, and vernal (glacial) pools, open to people in the region for walking pets, hiking, photography, birdwatching, and other low-impact recreation.

The land is preserved from development by a conservation easement with the Merrill Linn Conservancy in Lewisburg, and public access is sponsored by the East Lycoming Recreation Authority. Our goal is to manage the forest so that it reaches maturity with a varied canopy of large trees and a midstory of replacements, all in good health, with adequate forest litter and snags to please the amphibians of the pools and other wildlife.

Any timber harvest will be limited to the improvement of habitat and beauty with minimal impact. The meadows will be kept free of invasive shrubs and the margins will display the stone walls created when the fields were cleared.