Vernal Pools

When we moved up here, we heard the low areas on the property described as “swamps” and had no idea what they were.

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I grew up here as a child a long time ago. There are some of those pools behind or West of the Pine Tree Road on the back way (log road) to Huntersville. This is private land but I do remember skating and playing on the ice as a child. I never realized that these “hogbacks” as we called them were glacial. Thanks for preserving this area as it has always held a special place in my heart.

I noticed that on the Google maps for this area one can find many, many glacial pools in the surrounding area. The Google aerial photos were taken in the spring so leaf vegetation is gone. By looking for the dark areas without shading from a green pine tree there are bands of these pools. Fun stuff.

Hi there, This is great to find out. Is this a difficult hiking area? I have Daisy Girl Scouts and think this would be a great opportunity for them and their parents. I have knee injury so was wondering about the incline.
Thanks for any help you can give!
Kim King

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